Solutions for MVNO’s

Mobile Virtual Network Operators around the world are obliged to be compliant and fulfill various requests submitted by law enforcement agencies. G@K Labs provides operators with proven compliancy solutions for lawful interception, cell barring, lawful interception compliancy testing equipment and data retention disclosure request solutions.

By working closely with our customers we have created one of the most cost efficient, reliable, secured and compliant lawful intercept solutions on the market facilitating all kind of networks and handover standards like ETSI, CALEA and 3GPP. The technology and functionality of all our solutions is designed to be fully compliant and ensures that in case of security audits your operation can be assessed, knowing that you are compliant with the law and numerous security standards.

LIMA Élite, our end-to-end LI compliancy testing solution, facilitates the MVNO in being compliant with government regulations by instant detection of non-compliancies of the Lawful Interception data provided towards the LEA.

Our LIMA portfolio for mobile virtual network operators also includes a solution for full MVNO’s where the core network and the lawful interception solution are separated from the MNO radio network. In these cases the Lawful Interception solutions do not have direct access to location information. With our LIMA Location Services solution, the required location information will be added to the LI data (IRI), making your LI solution compliant.

Solutions for MVNO’s: