Law enforcement

Law enforcement

Solutions for Law Enforcement

The internet usage and its importance is increasing in everyone’s lives. The number of mobile devices and the use of mobile devices for internet related activities is expected to further increase as cellular networks transition to 4G and investments start in 5G. Subjects of interest to law enforcement makes increasing use of internet services on fixed line and mobile devices. In this internet enabled world, with more and more encrypted services, new technologies are required to fully aid law enforcement in accomplishing its mission. G2K Labs has a range of solutions helping law enforcement addressing this challenge.

Our surveillance solutions include Lawful interception and data retention solutions, but also solutions which would help law enforcement in providing answers to questions like “who accessed the internet service ….?” or “Which internet services were accessed?

Our cell barring solution, LIMA Network Protect, ensures that core communications is maintained  for first responders or citizens at times that it matters most, e.g. during a mobile network overload situation due to a (natural) disaster or terroristic attack. LIMA Network Protect also facilitates the use case that a specific services should be made unavailable for a selective group of subscribers in a particular geographic area.

For Law Enforcement it is critical that they can trust the data provided by telecom providers. LIMA Élite, G2K Labs automated end-to-end Lawful Interception verification tooling would help law enforcement in validating the complete LI chain for all operators and ensures timely detection of non-compliances of telecom providers, putting the Law Enforcement Agency in control.

To prevent costly mistakes, the collected location information should be accurate and not only rely on theoretical models provided through radio planning systems of mobile operators. LIMA Cell Monitor enables Law Enforcement to become less dependent on the data received from the mobile network operator.

Law Enforcement agencies use G2K Lab’s LIMA solutions for the entire end-to-end process from submitting a warrant to the handing over of information from the operator to the LEA, submitting cell barring requests and to improve the accuracy of received location information through usage of our LIMA Cell Monitor devices.

 Solutions for Law Enforcement: