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LIMA SS7 Secure

We enhance mobile network security

SS7 signaling was originally developed in the 1970s to be used internally and between incumbent, national telephone carriers. Due to the high cost of developing custom SS7 hardware, little concern at the time was placed on securing the protocols from third parties or investigation how to prevent the protocols being used maliciously to harm networks. The environment has changed considerably over the years; with the advent of many competing hardware vendors and the effective communization of SS7 interfaces, financial barrier for attackers have been removed. With the introduction of SS7 over IP (SIGTRAN) within networks, security needs to be the foremost concern of telecom operators.

Typical prevented attacks

A wide range of protocol attacks are carried out against mobile network operators and their customers with unauthorized access to SS7 interfaces. The exploitation of these vulnerabilities results in the:

  • exposure of the local network of the operator, e.g. HLR, MSC, VLR, SMSC addresses
  • identification of active subscribers of an operator, including their location and their encryption keys
  • sending of SMS spam on the costs of either the subscriber or the operator
  • possible rerouting of calls and messages As well as protocol attacks, SS7 can also be used as an attack vector to exploit implementation and configuration. LIMA SS7 Secure has been developed as an answer to above threats.
LIMA SS7 Secure

LIMA SS7 Secure is a telco grade platform that provides telecom operators with extensive security functions for the SS7 protocol. Not only does it protect the privacy of the operator’s subscribers, but it also prevents the exposure of network elements towards the international SS7 network for unauthorized requests.
The LIMA SS7 Secure platform deploys applications that implement screening functions for SS7 messages. These applications prevent specific exploitations of vulnerabilities in the SS7 protocol and enable:

  • screening of SCCP Global Titles
  • screening of MAP and CAP messages
  • SMS Home Router functionality to conceal location information through SRI-SM
  • future-proof for DIAMETER

LIMA SS7 Secure can filter messages based on Calling Global Title or Called Global Title, but also on parameters within the messages, such as IMSI. This latter functionality provides an operator with capabilities that go beyond the filtering possibilities offered by STP’s of most network vendors and makes LIMA SS7 Secure unique.


Effective protection relies on implementing rules that filters only illicit messages. To ensure the quality of a rule before implementation, LIMA SS7 Secure supports a so-called simulation mode, whereby all traffic matching a rule is stored for inspection. Using simulation mode, rules can be set up and the results examined before actual blocking is activated.


In addition, LIMA SS7 Secure provides a monitoring mode for screening all incoming and outgoing messages. Analytical functions can detect suspicious messages which might be harmful to your network or subscribers. Rules can then be configured to block these messages.

TCAP Stateful Inspection

To protect against possible DoS attacks, TCAP dialogues can be traced where each message is checked on their session details. Reported ‘out of the blue’ messages can then be blocked in the SS7 firewall.

Contextual awareness Inspection

Based upon the contextual basis, messages that are formatted and delivered correctly can still pose a threat to the network and its subscribers and be classified as fraudulent.
An example is when the home network receives a message from one of its subscribers that seems to be roaming. Further investigating the subscriber could show that the subscriber is not roaming but is in the home network. In this case, based on the location context, the message would not be allowed.
LIMA SS7 Secure provides sophisticated analytical tools to determine whether suspicious messages are a threat to the network or its subscribers, based upon their context.


The architecture of the platform allows new functionality to be implemented quickly to react on newly discovered security threats in the SS7 protocol. A clear and simple update strategy keeps the platform up to date at predictable cost. Through the LIMA Management System LIMA SS7 Secure is managed and controlled. This fully web-based application forms the basis of all G2K Labs security products and offers a wealth of field-proven security features.

LIMA Management System

The LIMA Management System allows your personnel to efficiently and effectively manage rule sets, e.g. black and white lists for the screening applications. It supports deployment of these rule sets across multiple nodes in the solution when applicable and supports layered management of rule sets through the User Management module. Transaction logging for external analysis is available from the LIMA SS7 Secure platform directly. Enhanced reporting is supported through the LIMA Management System.

End-to-end solution provider

As an end-to-end solution provider G2K Labs delivers LIMA SS7 Secure systems as turnkey projects, including installation, testing, training and project management services.

Key Features

Rules engine

  • Configurable rules & filters
  • Black- and whitelist
  • Multi-tenant support

Supported Protocols

  • MAP, SCCP, Sigtran, TCAP, CAP, SCCP throttling


  • Based upon our proven LIMA Management System
  • Rules and filter definition
  • Black- and whitelist configuration


  • Firewall mode, simulation mode and monitoring mode.
  • Simulation mode provides impact enables of configured screening rules


  • Statistics
  • Out-of-the-box reports

Multi-tenant support

  • Support the configuration of multiple layers of rules to support multi-tier operators.

High availability

  • Telco grade platform with full high availability options.

Future proof

  • Pluggable architecture allow easy adding of new screening applications to counter newly discovered threats.

Solution Sheet

Download here our LIMA SS7 Secure Solution Sheet.