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LIMA Lawful Intercept


LIMA Lawful Intercept

Robust compliancy solutions for telecommunication operators

LIMA Lawful Intercept is our proven CALEA compliancy solution for Lawful Interception. Our platform can be deployed in any fixed, broadband and mobile network able to integrate with all telecommunication network equipment and technologies. We make sure that your operation is fully compliant and that your intercepted data is transferred to the LEA according to your national standards. Due to our scalable and highly flexible architecture as well as understanding the concerns of operators regarding Lawful interception we have created a sustainable and cost friendly platform. Once you have bought a LIMA platform you never need to buy another one.

With our warrant management and workflow management features, we minimize the operational costs but also makes sure that your operation is according to security standards to comply with internal and external audits .

To ensure that the complete end-to-end Lawful Interception chain from your interception platform to the Monitoring Center is functioning as intended, our solution can be complemented with an automated end-to-end LI verification tool: LIMA Élite.

As full and active member of ETSI we can timely anticipate on changes to the handover standards and thus minimizing the impact to your solution when these changes happen.

LIMA lawful interception stands for compliancy, reliability, security according to worldwide security standards, trustworthiness, cost-effectiveness and cost transparency.

Modular solution

LIMA Lawful Intercept is Group 2000’s modular and scalable solution for Lawful Interception that consists of a central Management System, Mediation system and passive Monitors.

LIMA Management console

The LIMA Management console is designed to fulfil a central role in our platform. Its scalable design allows it to be deployed in solutions ranging from a self-contained lawful interception solution in a single unit to a distributed system spanning multiple countries and operators.
As a user-friendly and field-proven solution, our LIMA Management console supports operators to manage and oversee their active warrants from a central location, regardless of the type and number of networks in which the interception measures are deployed. It protects investments through its modular setup, accommodating network expansion as well as network changes. The LIMA Management system also integrates with existing legacy Lawful Interception solutions and maanges these solutions where the LIMA umbrella functions as a centrally managed solution.

LIMA Mediator

Our LIMA Mediator can be integrated with a wide variety of telecommunication network equipment. To accommodate this variety of situations, our LIMA Mediator is designed around the concept of using Input Adapters that handle intercepted X2 (IRI or CDC) and X3 (CC or CCC) traffic.

Input Adapters are available for most network equipment vendors commonly found in Telecom and ISP networks such as GSM, Mobile Data, LTE, IMS, xDSL and Broadband Networks. Many adapters have been factory-tested with the Network Equipment vendors and our LIMA solutions is certified by the most common vendors in the world.

On the output side, the LIMA Mediator supports all commonly used Handover standards, implemented by Output Adapters. Supported protocols include ETSI TS 102 232, ETSI ES 201 671, 3GPP TS 33.108, J-STD-025, ATIS T1.678, ATIS LEAS, Packetcable CBIS. Country-specific requirements can be supported also.

LIMA Monitors

The LIMA IP monitor is a robust, powerful and integrated IP probe which combines multiple IP interception functions in one physical system. The probe is able to intercept and capture all common IP, Email and VoIP traffic. The LIMA IP monitor is truly flexible, powerful and multi-functional whilst combining traffic analysis, interception and mediation in a single box when combined with the LIMA Mediator.

The LIMA IP monitor is a passive probe, which can be easily installed in a network. Implementation of the interception solution requires minimal impact and visibility by avoiding integration with existing network elements.

End-to-end solution provider

As an end-to-end solution provider G2K Labs delivers LIMA Lawful Intercept solutions as turnkey projects, including standard installation, testing, training and project management services.


Key features
LIMA Management System
  • Unified LI Management and control for all types of traffic and networks
  • Covers heterogeneous networks, multiple service providers and multiple countries
  • Configurable data protection domains and roles
  • Interfaces directly to network elements or third party LI equipment
  • User friendly web based operator interface
  • Provides real-time status overview
  • Centralizes operational information like alarms and traffic information
  • Management reporting functionality
  • Supports large amounts of interception on a single standard 1U x86-based server
  • Multi lingual interface
  • Purpose-built for regulatory services
  • Warrant Management and Workflow features
    • Simplifies the warrant management process
    • Automates interception handling
    • Avoids the demand for highly trained specialists
    • Reduces the risk of costly errors and mistakes
    • Ensures regulatory compliance
  • Future proof through its plug-in architecture providing unlimited extensibility
  • High availability support
  • Automatic integrity-check
LIMA Mediator
  • Handles interception events (IRI data or CDC) from a broad range of sources
  • Handles intercepted data (CC or CCC) according to a variety of standards and proprietary protocols
  • Supports a wide range of handover interfaces
  • Supports buffering and archiving for data preservation at connection loss to MC
  • IDR records provide an exact audit trail of handled traffic
  • Conversion and transcoding for PS ↔ CS translation

Supported handover standards:

  • ETSI TS 102 232-x, ETSI TS 133 108, ETSI TS 201 671, including various country specific implementations like, TR-TKÜV, etc.
  • CALEA PacketCable v2.0, CALEA T1.678, etc.
LIMA Monitor
  • Protocol monitors for passive interception of:
    • E-mail (SMTP, POP, IMAP)
    • VoIP (SIP, RTP)
    • IP traffic (IP, DHCP, Radius)
  • High performance – Up to 40 Gbps input per 1U x86-based server
LIMA Élite
  • Network & technology independent – works with 2G, 3G and 4G networks of all NE vendors
  • LEMF independent – Integrates with LEMF Systems
  • LI Environment independent – Integrates with LI mediation system
  • Supports validation of voice calls, SMS, and mobile data interceptions
  • Supports the validation of Metadata and Content Interception


Solution Sheets

Download here our LIMA Lawful Intercept Solution Sheet.
GRO-0220#Brochure LIMA Lawful Intercept