LIMA Intrusion Detector

LIMA Intrusion Detector


LIMA Intrusion Detector

We protect your mobile communications

January 2015, headlines showed: FBI are “very concerned” about industrial espionage. December 2014, Norwegian newspapers reported that someone listened in on Norwegian politicians’ phone calls. In both cases IMSI catchers were responsible for the eavesdropping activities. An IMSI catcher is a telephone eavesdropping device used for intercepting mobile phone traffic and tracking the movement of mobile phone users. This is essentially a fake mobile tower acting between mobile phones and the service provider’s real mobile towers. The use of an IMSI catcher, which is considered to be a man-in-the-middle attack, can be detected by using our LIMA Intrusion Detector. With the deployment of the LIMA Intrusion detector at governmental buildings, headquarters of private companies, and boardrooms, organizations can defend themselves against illicit eavesdropping activities, and can add additional security measures against industrial espionage.

LIMA Intrusion Detector

The LIMA Intrusion Detector is a solution for detecting anomalies like illegal IMSI catchers in the mobile network. The LIMA Intrusion Detector solution consists a Command & Control Center and one or more sensor devices. These sensor devices are setup in a geostationary setup; e.g. attached to buildings or structures and they are able to provide a (static) overview of all mobile cells in range. Using this static overview, the sensor devices in combination with the Command & Control Center application will be able to detect ‘anomalies’ within the area covered. In most cases, these anomalies will be devices like IMSI Catchers, but also jammers, or so-called (legal) femtocells for corporate use. The LIMA Intrusion Detector is delivered with a GUI that can easily depict the cells in range and clearly pinpoint/ highlight the anomalies measured.

Secure your boardroom

There are a number of approaches to safeguard your organization against eavesdropping activities. One approach is a “safe room”. Another route often seen is that you buy your own equipment and train your staff in the use of this equipment. This gives you the flexibility to hold your meetings anywhere; from the boardroom to an office, or from a hotel room to a private residence. A third typical option is to employ an outside specialist sweep team to perform a thorough sweep of key meeting rooms, offices, and phones as and when required. In all the above options, the installed or used equipment typically only detects locally installed eavesdropping equipment. The equipment used will generally not detect eavesdropping activities through the use of IMSI Catchers. A LIMA Intrusion Detector is an (illegal) IMSI Catcher detector which helps to secure your boardroom and keep your communications confidential.

Prevent industrial espionage

Particularly for knowledge-intensive organizations, it is key to protect their company assets in order to prevent industrial espionage by other companies who operate in the same domain. The leakage of confidential information might e.g. result in the loss of your competitive advantage. Mobile communications by your employees can easily be eavesdropped without their knowledge through the use of (illegal) IMSI catchers. A LIMA Intrusion detector helps protecting your company assets by alerting your organization immediately when an IMSI catcher has been detected.

Protect governmental buildings

Governmental buildings, like embassies, are a particular subject of interest. As a result, eavesdropping activities are more rule than exception for these types of buildings. With the installation of our LIMA Intrusion Detector, your organization will be timely alerted in case of eavesdropping activities through the use of (illegal) IMSI catchers.

End-to-end solution provider

As an end-to-end solution provider G2K Labs delivers LIMA Intrusion Detector solutions as turnkey projects, including standard installation, testing, training and project management services.

  • Output: Instant detection of the anomaly (IMSI Catcher, Jammers, Femto Cells)
  • Configuration: Self learning mode; the area will be scanned and normalized for anomaly detection
  • Management: Provides alarm messages in case of anomaly detection
  • Positioning Technology: Supports GPS for position indication on the actual whereabouts of the anomaly (requires multiple sensors for triangulation)
  • Multi-band: Supports 2G, 3G, and 4G networks
  • Reporting: Reporting of changed radio parameters of a mobile network (Cell-Id, LAC/TAC, etc.)
Technical specifications sensor
  • Measurements modems: Up to 12 modems
  • Transmit device: Ethernet
  • SIMs: Micro SIMs
  • Supported technologies: GSM, GPRS, EGDE, UMTS, HSPA+/WCDMA, LTE
  • Power consumption: Average 6W with 12 modems installed
  • Operating voltage range: 8-36V DC
  • Protection class: IP64
  • Dimensions: 254mm x 180mm x 83mm
  • External memory: SD card – up-to 32GB
Solution Sheet

Download here our LIMA Intrusion Detector Solution Sheet.