LIMA Disclosure Management and Data Retention

LIMA Disclosure Management and Data Retention


LIMA Disclosure Management

and Data Retention

We optimize your compliancy processes

LIMA Disclosure Management is a unique compliancy platform and supports the administration and processing of requests for retrieval and disclosure of historical information for legal and business purposes. Disclosure Management can be used to access, combine and format information that is distributed over multiple data sources. It automates the tasks that otherwise would require a number of manual steps. While doing so, it documents the requests and results for auditing purposes at a later time. LIAM disclosure management is designed to comply with regulatory standards and industry security standards.

Main functionality

Disclosure request handling and regulatory compliant handling of disclosure request with auditing, security, history and archiving features.

Automated request interface

If supported by local regulations, disclosure requests can be received via an electronic interface and processed automatically.

Workflow support

LIMA Disclosure Management can be extended with Workflow Management to allow you to implement user specific process flows and benefit from team support features.
Automatic request processing: a request handler automates the various tasks and queries that might be needed to carry out a single query request.


Query and connection plug-ins allow the solution to be integrated into any environment.

Modular Approach

LIMA Disclosure Management can be integrated with several back-ends. Combined with LIMA Data Retention it provides an end-to-end compliancy solution that comprises:

  • ETL processing – Extract, Transform, Load
  • Data archiving
  • Standardized handover (e.g. ETSI 102 657)
  • Disclosure Management
  • Workflow Management

Furthermore LIMA Disclosure Management is designed to be integrated in existing environments as well, for example where legacy data retention solutions are in place however a need is there to automate the data disclosure requests and organize the IT security amongst security and compliancy standards

LIMA disclosure Management adds automated request and result processing to existing databases and provides mediation if required. As such it can greatly improve the efficiency of handling disclosure request process by automating labor-intensive tasks.

Integrated Solution

LIMA Disclosure Management is one of the manay applications within the Lima Management console. As such it can seamlessly be integrated with other LIMA applications such as Lawful Intercept or LIMA Network Protect. The LIMA Management System provides a rich set of functions for regulatory compliancy applications such as authorized access, reporting, auditing, warrant management etc.

Turn-key delivery

LIMA Disclosure Management and Data Retention solution can be provided as a turnkey solution, including the consultancy and professional services for configuring the system to country and company specific requirements.

Key benefits
  • LIMA Disclosure Management significantly reduces time and effort needed to handle a disclosure request.
  • Can be supplied as stand-alone solution if combined with LIMA Data Retention or integrated with an existing legacy Data retention solution.
  • Can be integrated with customer specific databases or other data sources.
  • Integrated Workflow Management to align with your specific business processes
  • Modular approach and setup; can be integrated with Lawful Interception.
  • Compliant with standardized handover interfaces such as ETSI or other, file-based methods.
Solution Sheet

Download here our LIMA Data retention and Disclosure Management Solution Sheet.
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GRO-0220#Brochure LIMA Disclosure Management